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    Entity Framework Core: The Cross Platform ORM for .Net

    Microsoft Maniacs

    Session Overview Entity Framework Core is Microsoft’s new, cross-platform, open source ORM for .Net. It is a ground-up rewrite of EntityFramework, so while it will look familiar to those that have used older versions of EF, the features and...

    4th WED - Hump Day - Stogies Midweek

    The Northern Virginia Cigar Enthusiasts Meetup Group

    WED is another Great day to get this group together...So We are adding Wednesday's to our Calendar. Every 2nd and 4th WED we'll meet at the Lakehouse for Stogies and Stories! Bring a friend! Let's keep Building upon all the fun we're having! See...

    Calling All Trivia Aficionados

    Anti-Agoraphobics Anonymous

    Last time was awesome, lets do it again! The fun starts at 8:00pm this time, but feel free to come earlier. Here's a link to the mellow mushroom menu: And a link for the Herndon...